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5 Creative Ways To Market Your Craft Brewery

5 Creative Ways To Market Your Craft Brewery


6 Minute read, Published: July 27, 2021

With craft beers on the rise, people just can’t seem to get enough of it!

In the past decade, the craft beer industry has grown exponentially, so much so that they’ve gone from producing nearly 8.5 million to 26 million barrels of beer.

What’s more, since the diversity offered by craft beers enables customers to try different flavours, they’ve gained more popularity amongst the younger demographic.

However, with the product itself being so unique, it calls for a more creative and innovative marketing approach to reach out to a larger audience base while also helping your craft brewery stay ahead of the curve!

At Mosaic, we’ve put together our list of top five craft brewery marketing tips that’s sure to increase your brand awareness and stir up your sales.

From using unique merchandise like custom printed beermats to connecting with industry publications, there are several beer promotion ideas that you can leverage.

Let’s take a look!

1. Show What Makes Your Craft Brewery Unique

Craft Brewery Marketing Tips; different types of drinks placed on the table

With so many craft breweries dotting the industries, a foolproof way to establish yourself and achieve the desired goals is to stand out from the crowd!

Have you been working with a leading beermat printer to create personalised beermats for your brewery? Or using some unique ingredients in your summer ale?

Well, there you have it – your unique selling point (USP) to share with your target audience.

However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any unique aspects that set you apart; this won’t mean you’re out of luck. As you know, customers always look for brands that show their human side, meaning you need to look at your journey that led to the opening of your craft brewery.

After all, there’s next to no chance for your road to be the same as others, at least not in every step of the way; that’s what makes your brand unique and that’s why it’s worth touting!

2. Promote Your Brewery On Social Media Platforms

woman holding a glass full of beer

Simply posting one close-up shot of your open hours or the latest craft beers you’ve launched won’t let you reap the benefits of social media platforms.

Since customers constantly want to be updated about the latest developments happening within your brand and want to catch a glimpse of its ethos, it’s only fair that you give them just that.

Sure, your craft beers are refreshing but what is the process that you follow to create these? How do you come up with all those unique names? Who are the people working so hard for the brand? What exactly does your brewery space look like?

These are some of the BTS (behind the scenes) that your customers’ are eagerly looking forward to hearing about and what better way to share it with them (while being true to your brand’s aesthetics, of course!) than your social media pages.

What’s more, if you’ve got just that extra bit of budget, you could also turn these high performing social media posts into targeted ads to drive more traffic.

3. Be As Active As Possible In Your Community

Craft Brewery Marketing Tips; group of people enjoying time together

It’s quite possible that your city has an array of community events happening over the weekend – from weekly food truck parks to outdoor festivals or something in between.

This means, it’s extremely important for you to stay active and keep an eye on those local weekly papers or coffee shop boards to know about the upcoming events.

Not only that, you could also take notes of these dates in your calendar and talk to your team to come up with innovative beer marketing ideas for the event.

One of the best craft brewery marketing tips would be to reach out to these event coordinators and check if they want a sponsor or vendor. Even though it’s too late, you could still remember these events and get back the next year.

4. Underline the Fun Aspects of Your Brand

beer bottles and two glasses of beer kept on a table

Many breweries that are aware about effective craft brewery marketing tips don’t take their brand too seriously (in a positive way, of course!). After all, beer is usually associated with you having a good time – relaxing, laughing and spending time with your close friends.

The bottom line is, try to flex your creative muscles as much as possible.

Perhaps you could repost (although with permission) someone’s tagged photo of your latest craft beer placed on their sunny patio.

Or maybe a snapshot of your customer enjoying one of your products with friends at the beach.

The possibilities are endless; all you need to do is show your craft brewery to your customers in its true glory – after all, authenticity is what people are looking for.

5. Partner With Industry Publications

Craft Brewery Marketing Tips; bunch of people discussing strategies

With a plethora of publications out there focusing on craft breweries, you can reach out to almost anyone in the market, tell them about your brand, what you’re into and your USP that sets you apart from others.

The odds of receiving a positive response from them would be in your favour, especially if you add a hook that makes your brewery newsworthy.

If an article isn’t in your stars, you could perhaps ask for print or web ads to get the word out about your latest products.

You can also look at publications that don’t belong to the beer industry. If they put up feature articles or special issues once in a while about food or beer, it’s worth exploring them – after all, an extra dose of exposure won’t hurt!

Contact Mosaic for Personalised Beermats for Your Craft Brewery

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