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About Mosaic Board Printers

The Beermats beneath major brands and brew fans

With over 25 years experience as a world leading beer mat printer, we’ve produced every type of beer mat you can think of, and helped develop and innovate many of them!

But what makes us and our beer mats so special?

Tonnes of cardboard recycled a year

Which has balanced (offset) the equivalent of 62.15 tonnes of CO2

world record for most beer mats flipped

…and caught with one hand. Reckon you could beat that?

Beer mats printed since 1996

If we put them end to end that would be 175,226 miles of beer mats…!

We are The manufacturer

We value all our clients in the same way. Someone who is ordering 250 mats to clients that order millions they are all just as important to us. 

…it all started from a sketch on the back of a beermat*

The year was 1996, Mosaic was born! Bottles of Fosters Ice are rushing off the shelf, the smell of Lemon Hooch in the air, the price of a pint of draught lager was £1.70. Football was “coming home”.

Two friends, Gary Pearce and Stephen Paull, combined 60 years of print knowledge and have grown Mosaic into Europe’s leading printer and manufacturer of real pulp-board beer mats.

Building on lifelong partnerships

Mosaic has now grown into Europe’s leading printer and manufacturer of real pulp-board beer mats.

With a reputation for excellence in quality and service, Mosaic invest in the right technology and the right people to ensure we get it right for our customers every time.

Gary pearce

Gary pearce

Managing Director

Stephen Paull

Stephen Paull

Production Director

*neither Gary or Stephen have confirmed or denied this rumour.

Some of the many brands we print with

Robinsons Brewery Logo

Beermats printed

~ Since January 2024 ~