All printing is done in house

Gary pearce
Managing Director
Stephen Paull
Production Director

Established in 1996 by two friends, Gary Pearce and Stephen Paull, Mosaic has grown into Europe’s leading printer and manufacturer of real pulp-board beer mats. With a reputation for excellence in quality and service, Mosaic invest in the right technology and the right people to ensure we get it right for our customers every time.

We also print Packaging

We deliver on our promises on time, every time. We have a genuine passion for our craft, delivering helpful and friendly service at all times, Mosaic have grown from strength to strength by producing the best quality work at highly competitive prices. Our simple values of quality, service and competitiveness keep us on our A game and allow us to continue delighting customers across the UK, Europe and the World.

We’re proud to be straightforward and honest folk whose only concern is working VERY hard to delight our customers, every single time.

Our Clients

Here are just a few of the clients that we work with

We were established in 1996 so we have a lot of experience to call on. What ever you are looking for you can bet we’ve produced it and if not, we will have a good idea of how to. We might have been around for a good few years but that doesn’t mean we are behind the times. We are constantly looking at what’s new and how we can invest to make our products and service better.

We believe in creating lasting relationships and we are so pleased that we still have many clients that have been with us from the start.

We value all our clients in the same way. Someone who is ordering 250 mats to clients that order millions they are all just as important to us.

Yes we do. If you want a mat or carton designed we can quote this for you.

Yes and it’s FREE for all orders over quantities of 5000. We will check that your design fits our artwork specifications and report back any concerns we have.

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