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Beer Mats



Get creative! Sketch out your design on paper or if it’s in your head get straight into the beer mat builder. It’s a good idea to have your graphic assets like logos, photos, shapes etc ready beforehand. The only limit is your imagination.


Use your favourite software package to create your artwork and then upload to the customiser. Import Jpegs, PNGs or upload PDFs, EPS or AI artwork. Use the inbuilt tools to create your own designs.


Choose from our extensive range of fonts to add text to your beer mat.


See your beer mat come to life with our high resolution preview panel.


Once complete, add your beer mat to the cart. The beer mat will now be litho printed on 1.2mm real pulp board something here about the material a proper beer mat!


Each month we showcase designs ordered through the Beer Mat Builder – just let us know if you want to enter when you order!

Why Mosaic?

Made In-House

As a world-leading custom beer mat manufacturer established in 1996, we have over 25 years of experience in quality beer mat printing for our clients across the globe.

Printed onto 1.2mm or 1.4mm super absorbent material we produce excellent quality custom printed beer mats at a price our clients love.

Whether you need 250 beer mats for a wedding or party or millions for a high impact product launch – Mosaic can help.

Not convinced yet? Here are some more reasons why to choose us:

  • Online design and ordering for up to 10,000 custom beer mats – with instant online proof
  • Design your own beer mat
  • Quick turnaround and order tracking
  • Suppliers to the world’s biggest brands
  • Genuine pulpboard, litho print beer mats
  • First-class customer service and and dedicated sales team


Exceptional printed beer mats at a great price.


All beer mats are printed on our litho presses.


From your PC, Mobile or Tablet, 24/7.


We recycle our materials and actively carbon conscious.

Need larger quantities
or Super bespoke mats?

Need HELP with your Custom Beer mat Design?

Please download the Guidelines and templates here:

PDF – Round Template

AI – Illustrator Round Template

InDD – InDesign Round Template

PSD – Photoshop Round Template

PDF – Square Template

AI – Illustrator Square Template

InDd – InDesign Square Template

PSd – Photoshop Square Template

Endless Options For Custom Beer mat Printing

Beer Mats Make Terrible Frisbees

We undertake beer mat manufacturing and printing for a variety of industries that include:

  • Pubs
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Breweries
  • Vineyards
  • Gin and Whiskey Distilleries
  • Cider-makers
  • Corporates
  • Taxi and Media Companies
  • Charities
  • Beer Festivals
  • Public Sector Units
  • Events
  • Individuals

We service customers across the UK, including delivery, whilst also servicing the European and international markets. Unlike most beer mat printing websites out there who are essentially resellers, we manufacture everything at our very own litho printing plant! You can save yourself from paying extra to anonymous middlemen by coming straight to the source for a quick and professional service with impressive turnaround times.

Build on your brand and leave a lasting impression on your customers with the best custom beer mats in the UK – only with Mosaic Board Print.

As the world-leading manufacturer of incredible custom printed beer mats in the UK and across the globe, we have more than 25 years of experience in the beer mat printing industry that deliver unmatched quality.

If you’re looking to design your own beer mats, we can provide you with incredible options personalised according to your needs at a price you’re sure to love.

From supplying print beer mats for a wedding to several thousand for a big event, whatever your beer mat needs, we can deliver. With our dedicated team, you’re assured a hassle-free process and on-time delivery.

Place your order for creative personalised beer mats today!

Exceptional Custom Beer mats at a Great Price

Print beer mats can be a great tool for different reasons. From something as simple as absorbing any spills to creating brand awareness or leaving a lasting impression on your pub visitors, custom beer mats can prove useful in several ways.

Being more than just a practical addition to your establishment or event, beer mats can help you showcase your brand the way you want. With their versatility and ability to be personalised, you can get incredible customised beer mat designs, tailored to accurately represent your brand.

If you already have an artwork in mind, we can conduct an artwork design check to make sure it fits our specifications to deliver unique beer mat designs for your event or establishment.

With us, you’re guaranteed excellent service and customer satisfaction throughout the process.

Here’s What Makes Our Beer mats the Best

With our in-house litho print service and an incredible internal design team, we can provide you with creative and high-quality custom beer mats at a great price.

Since quality makes all the difference, don’t settle for something ordinary when you can have Europe’s leading printer and manufacturer of real pulp-board beer mats deliver you the best print beer mats in the market.

We service customers across the UK offering free delivery, whilst also catering to the European and international markets. With us, you’re guaranteed only the best.

Mosaic’s Personalised Beer mats Aren’t Just Brilliant For Putting Your Drink On!

If you think pamphlet printing is a thing of the past but also recognise the benefits of offline marketing and advertising, beer coasters are perfect for you. If you wish to add a bit of flair to your next marketing event without burning a hole in your pocket, get in touch with Mosaic Board Printers – the best beer mat manufacturers in the UK!

As a corporation, you could use printed beer mats as a promotional giveaway with all the important brand information printed on it. You can use it for business events or charity or a special cause – the options are endless!

Go Round or Square for Your Beer Coasters!

You have a choice of 94mm circular mats or square with rounded corners mats plus, you can have the same or a different design on each side at no extra cost.

Use our online design tool to be creative or upload your completed print-ready custom beer mat design. You will get instant online proof and once approved all you need to do is place the order… we do the rest!

UK Mainland Beer Coaster Deliveries

Once your custom beer mats are ready, we will dispatch them using one of our handpicked professional courier services. You’re welcome to pick them up from us too!


For online orders of up to 5,000 mats that are placed and paid for before 2 pm on a Monday, we aim to dispatch your print beer mats for delivery on the Friday of that same week. For any orders over 5,000 delivery deadlines will be discussed at the time of placing your order with one of the Sales Team.


For full details of bank holiday changes, please ring the sales team on 01536 312800 to discuss your delivery date

All deliveries are carried out by third party Couriers that have been chosen by us. 

Mosaic: Multi Award-Winning Beer mats

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