6 Inventive Offline Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Stir Up Sales

Date: 15 June 2021

We are living in an increasingly digital world but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of an era for offline marketing tactics. Old-school offline restaurant marketing ideas that have stood the test of time will continue to add to your sales, while also maintaining customer loyalty. 

After the rocky year we have had, things are finally beginning to ease as restrictions are gradually being lifted. With this, you need a solid plan of action to resuscitate your business. 

At Mosaic, we have some foolproof offline marketing ideas for restaurants that are guaranteed to stir up your sales. 

Right from teaming up with other local businesses to sponsoring and organising events, there are several inventive offline marketing tactics that’ll help you scale the popularity of your restaurant and get back in the groove. 

Let’s dive in to see how you can make the most of these offline opportunities!

1. Host Events

Pandemic or not, customers are always scouting for a unique experience. When you host events at your restaurant, you put yourself ahead of your competition to get the upper hand. Once restrictions fully allow, it’s time to start hosting some events. 

Book a live band to play for the evening or see if you can invite a local celebrity; it’ll not only attract your customers but also the fan base of the artist to your restaurant. 

Offline Restaurant Marketing Ideas; A woman and a man on stage with mics performing stand up

For a more budget alternative, organise stand up comedy or karaoke nights. Encourage your customers to put on a show instead of simply watching one by making them engage in events. 

Hosting events is perhaps one of the most popular ways to promote your restaurant offline and is sure to create a buzz and attract more customers. 

2. Offline Advertising

While online advertising is all the rage now, you can mix things up with some good old offline advertising techniques. 

You could go for the classics like posting an ad in the local newspaper or putting up a billboard promoting your business. Although expensive, it’s bound to get the job done as you are likely to get more visibility and traction. 

A young woman walking her bike past a billboard advertising coffee

Depending on your budget, you can settle on the size and medium of advertising your restaurant. Another thing you could try out is to secure radio mentions for local advertising. These would be comparatively cheaper. 

Advertising will deliver excellent results if you are promoting a new item on your menu, offering discounts or creating hype for an upcoming event you’re hosting. 

To give a unique spin to your advertising, distribute printed beermats with details of the new item or event to get the word out! 

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3. Listings in Food Guides

Being mentioned in local food guides is an absolute must for your restaurant. When you want your restaurant to be found by potential customers, listing in travel directories, food guides and search engines like JustDial will be handy. 

Offline Restaurant Marketing Ideas; a woman holding a beverage in her hand and reading a restaurant's menu

A great group of new clientele that you can attract with such offline listings is tourists who are looking for new places to dine and wine at. You could highlight your specials here and also advertise craft beers and other beverages that they can sample.

True, that online listing sites have an edge here, but having a presence in the printed food guides is still highly recommended. 

4. Distribute Pamphlets

Perhaps one of the most cost-effective offline restaurant marketing ideas, distributing flyers and pamphlets is another great way to promote yourself. 

You can easily distribute this to customers and fresh prospects for a fraction of the cost when compared to other strategies mentioned here. 

man sitting with a pamphlet

Ensure that you pay attention to the design and layout of the pamphlets as that will help attract more attention and by extension, more customers. 

5. In-House Marketing

Self-promotion needs to be an integral part of your restaurant marketing to rake in customers. 

Cultivate a strong and impressive brand image by using your restaurant’s logo and theme. Once you have a design to work with, make sure to use it wherever you can; your delivery order packages, napkins and tissues, employee’s uniform, beer coasters etc.

Offline Restaurant Marketing Ideas; neon signs advertising Bubba Gump restaurant with an arrow

If your budget allows, start your own line of merchandise where your logo is at the forefront. You can experiment with branded t-shirts, coasters, coffee mugs, cutlery and more. 

Create a buzz in the market for yourself and give exclusivity to these promotional items with your branding

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6. Make Partnerships

Partner with other local businesses and brands to accelerate your offline marketing efforts. Win catering business for other organisations to directly introduce your food to potential customers. 

Offline Restaurant Marketing Ideas; waitresses working behind a restaurant's counter

If people like what you serve, they are likely to enquire about you and come to your restaurant to try out other items on your menu. You can also look into offering food sponsorship to a variety of events to enhance your reach and expand your customer base

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Armed with these inventive offline restaurant marketing strategies, you can make a real difference to improve your sales. 

One such offline method that’ll continue to deliver results is having printed beermats with your restaurant’s logo and other contact details listed in a unique manner. 

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