How to Host a Beer-Tasting Party for Father’s Day

Date: 4 April 2024

Father’s Day is just around the corner and although we love them, fathers are not always the easiest to find presents for.

With the same old Father’s Day gifts of cliche t-shirts and souvenir mugs being done to death, why not think outside the box and host a beer-tasting party? 

A Father’s Day beer-tasting party is the perfect activity to reunite your dad with his closest mates, crack open a couple of cold ones and have a relaxing day.

However, if it’s your first time planning such an event, you may be at a complete loss regarding how to host a beer party. There’s no need to get too stressed out because we’re here to help you plan and brainstorm beer-tasting party ideas. 

In this blog, we will show you how to host a beer-tasting party and execute the ultimate Father’s Day!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Plan Your Party

how to host a beer tasting party, multiple beer samples on a sampling board

When hosting a beer-tasting party at home, it is essential to plan every detail. Since this is a special treat for your dad, begin by thinking about who you would like to invite. A collection of family and close friends will make for a relaxed evening of fun. 

It’s easy to lose track of time when surrounded by good friends and good drinks. As such, you ought to also consider how long you would like the beer tasting to last. 

The next step is figuring out how many beers you would like to taste. Variety is essential here, but having too many beer samples could result in people either becoming too drunk or too tired! A good 4-6 different varieties of beer should work well. 

Lastly, ensure your guests know what to expect at this Father’s Day soiree. Many guests may not have attended a beer tasting before. So, whether you plan to pursue a more casual or formal approach, it would be best to let your attendees know some basic information about the plan for the evening.

Step 2: Selecting The Beer

Variety is a big part of what makes beer tasting so fun. There are countless styles of craft beers available and as such, the sheer variety can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. 

When you host a beer-tasting party, choosing a specific theme can help you narrow down your choices. Since this party is a Father’s Day treat for your dad, you could centre your theme on his favourite beers or his favourite brewery.

Once you’ve selected your theme, look into the sourcing of your beer. If you live near a brewery, you may be able to get some bottles or cans directly from the source. However, if you want to provide beers from multiple breweries, consider visiting your local off-licence and/or a range of supermarkets. You may even receive some helpful staff recommendations to further elevate the beer-tasting experience. 

Step 3: Pre-party Preparationbeer tasting party at home, spread of snacks next to glass of beer on wooden surface

Once you’ve finalised your beer, gather a bit of information on the brewery it’s from and the style of beer. This research will also help you understand what snacks to pair with them.  

Beer-tasting parties are barrels of fun. However, when drinking any kind of alcohol, it’s important to stay hydrated. Ensure that there’s enough water to go around to rinse and refresh palettes as well as for guests who may need it.

To take your Father’s Day beer-tasting event up a notch, provide a varied range of snacks as well like crisps, crackers, cheese and chocolate. Having a wide variety of snacks not only complements the different types of beer but will also be a definite hit with the dads. 


Step 4: Decoration Time

If you want to host a spectacular Father’s Day beer-tasting party, you have to go all out with the decorations as well. 

When it comes to tasting glassware, remember to get at least as many tasting glasses as the number of people attending, along with a couple of spares. Don’t stress out too much on the type of glasses as, in the end, the beer is all that matters. You can always use what you have!

Alongside glassware, you could also look into purchasing custom beermats for the event. This could range from bespoke designs and funny quotes by your dad, to his favourite cars or motorbikes. You could also choose other beer-themed decor to spruce up your home, such as beer bunting or neon wall lights. 

Once you’ve figured out decorations, don’t forget to keep a few buckets around. Not everyone will like every beer they try and that is perfectly fine! In these cases, to avoid anyone feeling like they have to finish beer they are not enjoying, you can keep a few bowls or buckets for guests to dump out their samples.

Lastly, it’s time for the most crucial step for your Father’s Day beer-tasting extravaganza. Don’t forget to chill your beer before the tasting!

Step 5: Time To Have A Beer-tasting Partybeer tasting party ideas, three men holding glasses of beer together

It’s time to let the Father’s Day festivities begin! To host a beer-tasting party that’s unforgettable, you need to remember that the star is the beer, so make sure there is plenty to go around! 

Welcome your guests to the party with a light round of welcome beers to help them settle in. Furthermore, keep extra beer on hand for after the event for your dad and those that wish to stay later. There’s nothing worse than running out of beer at a party!

When it comes to serving the beers, for a more structured approach, you could consider serving them in order of escalating intensity. This means that you begin with the lowest-alcohol beer first and scale up to the strongest beer at the end. 

When beer tasting, encourage guests to utilise all their five senses for the best possible beer-tasting experience. However, also remember, that it is just a couple of dads with beer, so they might just want to enjoy their drinks and have a laugh. This is completely acceptable as well.

As the night comes to a close, don’t forget to take a few photos to capture some memories of what is surely a Father’s Day your dad will not soon forget.

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