DELIVERY UPDATE: Please note that we are not running our weekly print run week commencing 05.08.2024


Each month we pick 4 of our favourite designs and pit them against each other in a voting battle over on our Instagram page.

Voting is easy — just comment 1, 2, 3 or 4 on the post.
The mat with the most votes that month qualifies for the big one! The end of year Battle Finale where the winner get £500 in luxury spa vouchers.


June 2024

We reach the half way stage of the second season of Battle Of The Beer Mats! Incredible! 4 belters this months. kick things off with their awesome design. Then we have the uber cool dark illustration of Smash! From out of nowhere, brightly coloured ‘Dough” beer mat really makes a statement. Last but not least the Northern News mat from that really has got us “Chunked out of our beans”

May 2024

Three breweries and a coffee shop going head to head this month. A selection of bright colours and gradients have kept our machine minders on their toes but the results speak for themselves. A very clever use of a water colour design from An awesome design featuring a really bright gradient from A very funky pattern design from Is it Happy or Sad or maybe both? From

April 2024

Complete mixed bag this month, 4 awesome designs that cover the full spectrum of emotion. The bold profanity from The beautiful sadness from a tribute beer mat used at a celebration of life. Then on to the delicious looking representing a hunger inducing taco shop in Harrogate. Following up the rear the imposing figure of

March 2024 slot into the number 1 spot for March's battle, a brightly coloured beer that we fell in love with. The super cute branding of with a collaboration with a local bakery. are the only square mat in this months battle. A donkey shooting rainbow lasers out of its eyes it just had to make the cut

February 2024

Kicking off February we have the wicked design from really cool looking design. Then we have the joke on a beer mat from who doesn’t like a good joke? In number 3 slot we have a traditional looking beer mat from Following up the rear we have a really cool use of dark colours from

January 2024 Kick off 2024 with a very snazzy Dry Run beer mat, Next up is FFresh from a cool carton a nice summery design to blast away those winter blues. Then a very special Beer Mat from one of our longest serving customers who celebrate 175 years of brewing this year only fitting them made the cut. Number 4 slot was taken up by we love the yellow and black combo on a beer mat!