3 Pub Games to Organise During the Olympics

Date: 30 April 2024

In the past, relying on beer and alcoholic beverages alone has been enough to bring people through your pub’s door. However, the bar has been set much higher now and as a result, many individuals expect a unique experience. 

As such, the addition of games at pubs was a welcome change that has helped liven up the atmosphere. So, as the Olympics draw near, along with broadcasting the games, consider adding some pub Olympics games to your pub’s activity itinerary. 

Not only do Pub Olympics make the perfect team event, but with such a variety of games to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Let’s dive into some classic Bar Olympics game ideas that will guarantee a fun and easy set-up.

With creative thinking and a little planning, organising pub Olympics games will definitely help you boost sales on those quieter summer nights.

In this article, we will take a look at three fun pub Olympics games you can organise at your pub this Olympic season.

Let’s go!

1) Table Tennis

pub olympics, women smiling holding wine with neon ping pong sign behind themTable tennis, or ping pong, is a sport that demands skill, agility and fast reflexes. It is an easy pub Olympics game that sets the stage for a night of laughter, friendly competition and drunken fun.

Like many things in life, table tennis is more fun when shared with a group of friends. That’s what makes pubs and table tennis the perfect combination. All you need is a table, bats and a couple of table tennis balls. With these, you’re all set to watch epic battles commence.

For a game that requires great hand-eye coordination, it’s hilarious that people seem to play better when they’re tipsy. With a drink in one hand and a table tennis bat in the other, your customers are sure to have a fun night with this Olympic sport.

The liberating sensation of whacking a ball fiercely across a table, paired with the company of your friends, table tennis makes for an exceptional pub game. Not to mention, with all the dashing about, it almost feels like a workout too.

This Olympics season, consider setting up a rousing game of table tennis, order some Union Jack-themed beermats and watch your tipsy customers embrace their inner sportsmen.

2) Darts

As the old saying goes, nothing goes together quite like beer and sharp objects flying through the air. Adding to the pub atmosphere and decor, darts has been a classic pub game that has been played for many years.

This Olympic season, why not add a bit of target practice fun with this recognised Olympic sport? To set it up, all you require is a wall that’s clear of traffic to safely hang up your dartboard. With its affordable setup and easy-to-install nature, this game has been a hit at bars and pubs for years. 

Darts is a challenging sport that levels up in difficulty after a couple of cocktails. There’s something about watching someone attempt to hit the bullseye while they are a bit wobbly themselves that is immensely amusing. Whether it’s just watching your friends play or taking part in a round yourself, it’s certainly a crowd-pleaser. 

You could even try to spice things up with penalties or make it a championship with a trophy on the line. When the Olympics comes around, get the dartboard out for a fun and inclusive games evening. 

3) Table Football

bar olympics game ideas, closeup of man playing table footballA chance to play a thrilling game of football without all the running? And you can sink a couple of pints while playing. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Table Football, or foosball, is a great fast-paced game option for your pub. Taking inspiration from the classic Olympic sport, this pub Olympics game is just as exciting as the real deal.

With Table Football, there are many styles and options to choose from. You could even customise your table based on which teams are playing on certain days.

Not only are the tables easy to set up, but also due to their compact nature, they won’t take up too much space at your pub. To complement the football fanaticism, you could also add some football-themed beer mats, to further excite football fans. 

Undoubtedly, one of the best things about Table Football amongst other pub Olympics games is that it’s extremely easy for anyone to jump in and out. This fun feature allows your customers to play for as long or as short a time as they’d like. 

As a result, Table Football is the ideal approachable game to add some Olympic fun to your establishment and delight your customers.

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