Sip, Savour, Celebrate: 3 Ways to Incorporate Beer into Father’s Day Traditions

Date: 16 April 2024

As Father’s Day approaches, it is time to celebrate all the father figures in your life. Whether that’s your dad, stepdad or even grandad, all the male role models in your life have shaped you into who you are today and deserve to be celebrated!

This year, we’ve decided to lean more into experiences instead of traditional gifts. While you could always stick to the classic card and gift, afternoon lunch, or barbecue, why not elevate these experiences with beer?

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Father’s Day tradition ideas and found ways to make your gifts even better with beer!

Whether you’re making plans for your dad or your partner, these Father’s Day traditions are sure to delight and make his day.

Let’s get started!

1) Beer-Infused Father’s Day Brunch

father's day beer hamper, people toasting with beer at a party

Want to experience a unique twist on the classic mid-morning meal or brunch? With this modern Father’s Day tradition, you can cook up a brunch your dad will not soon forget.

A beer-infused brunch gives you the opportunity to incorporate beer into various types of dishes to create a delectable dining experience for the tastebuds. From classic beer-battered sausages to beer-glazed bacon, you can infuse the rich and complex flavours of different brews in every dish. 

Moreover, a beer-infused brunch allows you to add creativity and a touch of indulgence to the otherwise drab affair of a traditional brunch. Through this endeavour, you can ensure the meal is curated to perfectly balance beer-infused delicacies with some brunch staples to create a hearty meal. 

Furthermore, your dad or family could prepare a selection of beers to pair with the dishes as well. With a backdrop of beer-themed decor, custom beermats and a relaxed ambience, a beer-infused brunch promises to be an unforgettable celebration of your Father’s special day. Sounds like a hilarious start to the day!

2) Father’s Day Picnic with a Beer Hamper

If your dad is more of an adventurer, consider taking him on a special Father’s Day picnic. Take it to the next level with the promise of good food and a Father’s Day beer hamper.

Begin by choosing a picturesque location for your picnic. For example, a local park or scenic hilltop. The next step is to pack all of your dad’s favourite beers into a sturdy hamper. Don’t forget to surround them with ice packs to keep them nice and chilled throughout the journey. You could include a mix of classic British ales, a couple of lagers and perhaps some craft brews for added variety.

Next, comes the food. Complement your chosen beer with a wide range of classic picnic foods like scotch eggs, pork pies and sausage rolls. Take inspiration from a ploughman’s lunch and pair it with crusty bread, artisanal cheeses, pickles and chutney to elevate your picnic meal. 

Lastly, don’t forget to bring some picnic blankets and foldable chairs for comfort. Why not pack some equipment for a few outdoor games like football or cricket too? This is sure to ensure your Father’s Day picnic is a good time.

3) Go on a Boozy Fishing Trip

father's day beers, man besides older man sitting with fishing rods holding beer

If your dad is into fishing, you’ll know there is no greater love story than the one between a dad and his fishing rod. So, if you want to elevate his day with this Father’s Day tradition, consider taking him on a boozy fishing adventure.

Begin planning your fishing trip by choosing one of your dad’s favourite fishing spots. The next order of business is to pack a cool box of his favourite beers. As an added touch, ensure you pick varieties that pair well with your snacks like light ales, crisp lager or even citrusy wheat beer.

After your beers are chosen, pack all the fishing gear you will need. For example, fishing rods, reels, bait and tackle as well as any fishing permits or licences.

You’re now all set to get started on your boozy fishing trip and spend some quality time with your dad. After a successful day of fishing, either cook up your own storm or end the trip with a visit to the local fish and chip shop to indulge in a classic seaside treat. 

Lastly, wash down your scrumptious meal of fish and chips with some ice-cold pints and conclude with a toast to your dad’s catch of the day, (if there was one!).

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