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The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Beer Mat Collection

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Beer Mat Collection


5 Minute read, Published: March 5, 2024

Many people enjoy collecting things. From postage stamps to coins to antiques to retro video games, the list could go on endlessly. However, some individuals prefer to indulge in a more unique and beer-related collection. 

Tegestology or beer mat collection is a popular hobby that has caught the interest of many, owing to its unique nature. Moreover, it seamlessly combines a good old love of beer with an appreciation for art, history and of course, beer mats.

Collecting beer mats is a fun hobby that’s also very easy to get into. In fact, it’s also a great opportunity to get historical insights into breweries, explore the evolution of branding, design and understand the humour of a different time.

If you have a fascination with beer mats and would like to start your own collection, we’re here to help. 

In this blog post, we will cover five important aspects of beer mat collecting to help you begin your journey effectively and transform you into the best beer mat collector you can be.  

Let’s get into it!

1) Start Local

beer mats, friends sitting and raising their beers in a toast

Beer mat collectors often begin their collections from humble origins. If you’re just getting started, don’t needlessly overthink the ‘how’. You could easily begin your collection by picking up beer mats from local pubs or breweries. 

For example, if you visit a pub with your mates and see a particularly interesting beermat design or maybe one with a fun shape, you could start your collection from there. 

Not only is this a great way of adding more personal meaning and sentiment to your collection, but you would also be supporting local businesses.  

2) Figure out Storage

It’s not uncommon for novice tegestologists to get so excited at starting their new collection that they completely neglect the importance of storage.

In a similar way to starting any collection, you have to ensure you have the needed storage space to maintain your beer mat collection. 

When collecting beer mats, many choose binders with plastic sleeves as their preferred storage method to easily organise and display their mats. However, if you’re an eclectic collector who is more interested in collecting and displaying custom beer mats of various shapes and sizes, you may want to look into display cases or customisable frames. 

Both methods are wonderful ways of effectively displaying your beer mat collection to fellow avid beer mat enthusiasts who are to visit your home. 

3) Trade Shows and Online Communities

beer mat collectors, girls clinking beer glasses together at outdoor festival

Another important aspect to prioritise when starting your beer mat collection is finding ways to better integrate into the Tegestology community. 

Trade shows and beer-related events are great places to meet and connect with other beer mat collectors. As such, you ought to keep an eye out for local beer festivals or collector events.

If you’re not much of a social butterfly, you could also look into some online methods of connecting with local tegestologists such as social media groups or forums. From learning more about the history of beer mats to getting valuable beer mat maintenance tips, online communities and forums are extremely insightful. 

Through these communities, you could also share and receive advice on any issues you encounter, straight from experienced beer mat collectors. Furthermore, they also provide opportunities for you to trade beer mats with collectors from around the world to further help your collection grow.

4) Pick Up Travel Souvenirs 

A fun way to expand your beer mat collection is by picking up some beer mats whenever you go on trips or holidays. While travelling, look out for any unique beer mats that you think would make unique additions to your collection. 

Not only does picking up collectible beer mats as travel souvenirs give you more opportunities to experience the local culture, but you could also use these visits to chat and interact with other tegestologists in person. 

Furthermore, as physical representations of different cities and countries, collecting these beer mats will be a simple yet effective way to add variety to your collections and nostalgically remember all the places you’ve visited.

5) Focus Your Collection

collectible beer mats, barrel and different glasses of beer on wooden tabletop

Although it might feel a bit silly, one of the most crucial aspects to remember when starting your beer mat collection is identifying a central theme you wish to focus on. For example, beermats from a specific country, those with historical value, multi-purpose beer mats, limited edition releases, etc.

Many beer mat collectors do have collections for the sheer sake of size and the aim of eventually achieving Guinness Record status. However, many experienced tegestologists found starting their collection with a specific theme in mind to be a much more fulfilling experience.

That’s why, if you’re thinking about starting a beer mat collection, spend some time focusing on the theme of your collection and what you want it to be about.

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As you can see, starting a beer mat collection is actually quite a simple process. You just have to get started and start collecting. If you would like to find some unique beer mats for yourself, Mosaic is here to help your collection grow. 

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