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There’s nothing better to break the ice at a party than a funny joke. To help

There’s nothing better to break the ice at a party than a funny joke. To help you out, Mosaic Board Printers offers funny beer mats that are bound to get chuckles out of the people that use them. 

These beer mats feature hilarious jokes and illustrations to keep your customers or guests entertained. Whether you choose to place them at a bar or a party venue, they’re a perfect fit on any table. 

They also work amazingly well as a complimentary gift, so don’t hesitate to give them as gifts to your customers or your loved ones. With amazing designs and funny jokes, they’re bound to love the effort you put into them on their special day. 

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Why Choose Mosaic?

Mosaic Board Printers are the biggest beer mat distributors in the UK. With decadesof industry experience, we provide high-quality beer mats at affordable prices. 

If you’re looking for funny beer mats for your bar, event or as a complimentary gift, you’ve come to the right place. We’re one of the most trusted beer mat companies delivering the best to our consumers. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider choosing us as your beer mat suppliers:

  • Decades of experience supplying beer mats to the world’s biggest brands
  • Effective order tracking and quick turnaround time
  • Beer mats made out of high-quality genuine pulpboard
  • Responsive customer service and sales team

Additionally, Mosaic Board Printers have received multiple awards for their amazing services, including the BBCS Mat of the Year award.

What are you waiting for? Get the best novelty beer mats by ordering them from Mosaic today! 

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