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Case Study

Brixton Brewery





We work with some really energetic brands and colour is a great way to help convey this energy. However, it also involves a certain amount of consideration. How does the company communicate with its audience?

Is it mainly using digital methods via a website or social media, or printed materials like brochures and leaflets? Brixton Brewery started in 2013 and have a strong branding and vibrant style, this colourful branding needs to translate across all platforms including beer mats.

I realised that the colourful nature of Brixton’s branding was key to the strong characteristics of the brand, beer mat material is designed to absorb liquid, which causes many problems with colour consistency and vibrance.

Discussing with Brixton the importance of their colours I suggested a set of wet proofs. A wet proof is a fully made up, printed proof. The same machine and materials will be used as for the finished product.

Whilst this is quite expensive, it does leave you with an exact mock up of what is to be printed. This is suitable for colour checking.

With some artwork adjustments and fine tuning on press Brixton were over the moon with what we produced.

Charlie Mae Taylor
Account Manager