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5 Ways Biodegradable Packaging is Changing Businesses

5 Ways Biodegradable Packaging is Changing Businesses

Mosaic Board Print

5 Minute read, Published: September 19, 2023

Due to growing environmental concerns, businesses are incorporating strategies to be more sustainable now more than ever.

That said, biodegradable packaging is becoming ever more important to consumers across all demographics, meaning as a business, it’s something you should be taking seriously. It is a packaging solution specifically designed to be sustainable. This type of packaging uses green packaging materials derived from plants and paper which break down naturally over time, reducing long-term waste and pollution.

Many emerging brands are employing ecological packaging solutions to align with their goal of sustainable practices. If you are uncertain about whether biodegradable packaging is a suitable choice for your business then this guide is for you. 

As the packaging experts at Mosaic, we have highlighted the top 5 benefits of biodegradable packaging and how it can be a game-changer for your business. 

Let’s begin! 

1. Environmentally-friendly

eco-friendly packaging: an image of a bulb with tress showcasing the need for ecofriendliness and sustainability

Biodegradable packaging materials are made from plant-based fibres and paper which decompose over time, reducing carbon footprints

As a sustainable packaging solution, green packaging reduces the burden on landfills and minimises waste build-up, as well as overreliance on fossil fuels. Unlike traditional plastic wrapping and packing solutions which release harmful toxins and take years to decompose, their biodegradable counterpart uses eco-friendly components that break down more easily without harming the environment. 

With biodegradable alternatives, your making a commitment that your business will use materials that are environment-friendly reducing your effect on the planet! 

If you would like to get more insights on how eco-friendly packaging works, read our FAQs page to learn more! 

2. Cost-Effective a woman checking costs for biodegradable packaging

For small-scale companies and emerging start-ups, eco friendly packaging is a smart and effective choice. 

Since biodegradable packaging uses natural materials, it is typically a cheaper and more sustainable choice for your business as well. This will allow you to not only save on costs but also help channel the savings to more productive areas, leading to business growth.

Unlike other forms of packaging, green packaging often uses lighter materials which reduces the burden on production costs and lowers shipping costs, making it a more budget-friendly option. As a result, it enables businesses to facilitate smoother, top-quality and rapid delivery to customers. 

As a business owner if you’d like to save on costs, try Mosaic Board Print’s custom biodegradable packaging solutions today. 

3. Enhanced Brand Reputation

a happy woman after reading customer reviews for using custom biodegradable packaging

When businesses opt for eco-friendly packaging, they demonstrate their commitment to environmental practices which resonates positively with consumers. 

Companies adopting biodegradable packaging are viewed more and more favourably by their target audience, keeping them in the minds of their customers. Satisfied customers appreciate environmentally-conscious brands and even foster positive word-of-mouth advertising necessary for your business’ growth. 

Many shoppers make conscious decisions to buy products with minimal environmental impact. When they notice that a particular brand follows sustainable practices, it makes them more likely to support that brand. This, in turn, elevates consumer experience, leading to a better brand reputation and recognition. 

Furthermore, by customising packaging solutions, businesses can incorporate their unique design or style to make a lasting impression. At Mosaic Board Print, we offer innovative custom packaging solutions, tailored to suit your needs and preferences. 

4. Long-Term Viability

a woman sealing a biodegradable packaging box

Biodegradable packaging combines strength and durability with eco-friendliness, making it a top-tier choice for long-term use. 

Many biodegradable packaging materials are sourced from renewable sources such as cornstarch or sugarcane. These materials possess robust structural integrity and strength, ensuring they can easily withstand wear and tear during package transportation. 

While maintaining strength and durability, biodegradable packaging materials also remain lightweight, reducing heavy shipping costs. Such packaging uses materials that break down in an ecological way when discarded, minimising negative impact on the environment. 

This combination of strength and durability makes it a smart choice for your business, especially if you are seeking long-term sustainable packaging solutions. 

5. Easily Disposable and Recyclable

a woman using recyclable biodegradable packaging cartons

Another key advantage of biodegradable packaging is its ease of disposal and recyclability. 

Typically, biodegradable or eco-friendly packaging is made from organic substances that decompose naturally, decreasing the risks of pollution. This means that after use when these packaging materials are discarded in landfills or composting facilities, they break down far more easily leaving behind no traces or harmful residue, unlike traditional packaging options. 

Often the materials used in sustainable packaging are recyclable. During this process, the waste from biodegradable packaging is separated from other debris where the materials are broken down into their raw components. This allows recycling companies to create new products for packaging. 

Since recycling depends on the materials’ structure and type, it’s important to note that all materials cannot be reprocessed in the same way. 

Choose Mosaic Board Print for Biodegradable Packaging Today! 

As sustainability continues to be a top priority for consumers, biodegradable packaging is likely to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of your business. For long-term growth, you may be inclined towards sustainable packaging solutions to align yourself with environmental regulations and customer trends. 

Packaging experts at Mosaic Board Print consider green packaging solutions as a sustainable choice and are committed to partnering with clients for the long term. By adhering to eco friendly practices, we offer state-of-the-art, custom packing solutions that resonate with your brand and business. With us, you can pack your goods responsibly while maintaining the quality and aesthetics of your products

If you’re looking to branch into biodegradable packaging for your business, contact us today to find out more!

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