Top 4 Festive Beers To Sample This Christmas

Date: 30 November 2021

A great marketing strategy is to inculcate new changes in your pub according to the trends and happenings around you. 

The easiest way to do that is by simply changing more minor elements of your decor; for instance, you could get customised beermats from Mosaic Board Printers that are Christmas themed for the upcoming season. 

It doesn’t stop here though. You should also keep in check the kind of beers you serve; they should be in variety to suit each of the events in your pub. However, with the variety of beers available, how do you choose the right ones for your pub?

In today’s blog, our craftsmen have curated a list of top beers for Christmas to help you add a boozy spin to your celebration.

Let’s take a look!

1. Northern Monk – Festive Star 

Top Beers for Christmas UK; A beer mug filled with chilled, dark beer.

Yorkshire’s Northern Monk, instead of brewing an entirely new beer range, adds a Christmas-y taste to its classic mocha porter known as the Northern Star. 

To do this, they have simply taken some of the important Christmas ingredients like chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla, and used them as a festive twist on their core range of brew.

The best part about this drink is that it’s the perfect kind of beer to serve your customers if they like to have their beer dark, delectable and sweet but without too much spice.

2. Wiper & True – Plum Pudding

Top Beers for Christmas UK; Beer from Wiper and True.

Plum Pudding from Bristol’s Wiper & True is the perfect alternative to rich Christmas desserts. A sweet porter, this beer can give a modern twist to the traditional festive practices when it comes to desserts.

When it comes to its taste though, it makes sure that your customers feel the typical intense beer taste without being too boozy; it has the delicious base of rich dark malts with minute hoppiness and the sweetness that comes from fruit jam. 

However, the Christmas-y edge comes from the expert amalgamation of dried fruits, lemon zest, and cinnamon in the drink, making it perfect for the upcoming festive season. 

3. Anchor – Christmas Ale

An empty beer bottle.

Christmas Ale from Anchor is the most classic kind of beer, naturally making it rank first in top beers for Christmas UK for the festive season every year. 

This beer has been in the market since 1975, making it the first successful holiday beer. This means one thing – the facts say that this beer needs to be on your pub’s shelf display for this festive season. 

What makes this beer more interesting is that Anchor makes sure that their top-secret recipe changes every year, so no brew is the same. 

The unique freshness of flavours that comes every year is made while keeping the festive and boozy elements in check, making it a perfect kind of beer for your celebrations this Christmas. 

4. Leffe – Winter 

Top Beers for Christmas UK; Beer from Leffe in a glass

A festive take on classic Belgian beers, Leffe’s Winter has a deep amber colour, producing a thick foamy head. Similar to its other brews, Leffe maintains the usual 6.6 % abv.

Leffe’s Winter is a great place to start if your customers are new to the traditional Christmas Ales. Its subtle flavours can help you adapt to stronger flavours to eventually make traditional Christmas Ales your staple. 

The core of this brew is a distinct Belgian style beer but has enough fruit and spice to make it taste festive.

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