4 Ways To Refresh Your Pub For The New Year/2022

Date: 18 January 2022

Running a bar or a pub in today’s F&B industry is no joke; with the increasing competition in this sector, becoming the best service provider has become very tough. 

The only way to maintain your business’s status is by proactively inculcating beneficial additions. With the new year, you have an opportunity to revive if the business has been low for a while. 

In today’s blog, the experts from Mosaic Board Printers have bought pub improvements for 2022 that can take your business to the next level. 

So without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

1. Collaborations 

pub improvements for 2022; Alcohol brands highlighted on a bar counter.

If your business has come to stagnant growth, chances are that those around you might also be struggling like you. 

They might be trying to develop creative ways to rise again, so we say – instead of competing with them, why not form a partnership?

You can organise a ‘pub crawl’ sort of setting between any of the other local pubs in your area, perhaps offering discounts for early participants.

There have been instances where a group of 2 or 3 pubs comes together on quieter nights for them separately; upon customer visit, they are directed to any of these owner’s open pubs. 

While this might sound like a last resort, many instances have proven otherwise. A collaboration of this kind has helped break the chain of quiet nights – particularly in towns and villages with a high number of pubs. 

2. Launch a Cafe 

People sitting on a bar counter and talking.

A great way to populate and let people know about your space is by opening a cafe in your pub. This could very well work in your favour if your pub is relatively quiet during the day. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dig holes in your pocket by hiring additional chefs and creating a cafe-esque setting – all you have to do is look for a cloud kitchen-based chef and let him take over during the day. 

There are many self-employed people remotely working for companies in need of space for a productive day. Your pub can be their makeshift office where you can take care of their lunches and afternoon tea. 

A simple solution like this one can increase your pub’s reputation and make people in the neighbourhood more aware of the quality offering you offer. 

3. Entertain Creativity 

pub improvements for 2022; three men drinking beer together.

Another great way to have pub improvements for 2022 is to adapt to newer trends and methods of running your business. 

We’re talking about the small gimmicks that might go unnoticed. 

For instance, the recent emergence of using table beer taps has taken over pub culture. Instead of going all the way to the bar counter, customers can now pour their pints at their tables.

An update like this one can save you time and money (waiters’ time is money) while giving your pub a unique look and talking point. If that isn’t enough, a creative approach will make the curious minds want to order more than usual just for the fun of it. 

We say it’s a win-win! 

Sure, the machines are expensive, but they can be paid off relatively quickly with the popularity it creates amongst customers.

4. Pub Events 

A celebration moment caught on camera.

This might be the most cliched way of promoting your pub business, but it is a cliche because it works! 

A pub quiz is not something new, so you should be smart enough to have this event as default at your business place. It can help cheer the quiet nights, create a sense of excitement and competition between people and eventually draw groups of customers together. 

Similar to a quiz, live music is another common element that pubs regularly opt for. It is a perennial favourite of all. 

On Christmas or new year’s, they can set the party mood to bring people in, and during the day, smooth jazz can liven up your space in no time. 

Pub events, therefore, should never be underestimated.  

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Now that you know the importance of pub improvements for 2022, you shouldn’t oversee the prominent task of building your brand. 

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