Preparing Your Bar For Christmas 2021 – Here’s How!

Date: 2 November 2021

With the holiday season almost upon us, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your pub or bar for Christmas 2021. 

As a bar or a pub owner, you need to think about all the extra opportunities that the festive season has in store for you to see how you can make the most of it. 

Here, planning in advance is key. 

Your Christmas bar marketing ideas need to be foolproof so that the busiest time of the year turns out to be the most lucrative period for you as well. 

At Mosaic, we’ve put together a list of tips to make Christmas 2021 a resounding success for your bar!

Let’s take a look!

Keep Your Customers Well-Informed and Up-to- Date

Preparing your bar for Christmas; Decorative Christmas Calendar on display

Go back to the basics and put togethera fun Christmas calendar to highlight all the events along with opening times and other important details during the Christmas period for all your patrons to see. 

Using a blackboard to furnish all the festive messaging in a fun way to your customers is a classic you can rely on always. If you wish to attract your target audience when the festive season is afoot, it’s important to reach out to them beforehand so that they remember you and come to you. 

A great way to get all the necessary information out there for the season is to use flyers, pamphlets and social media to get the word out. Additionally, you can use fun and festive beermats as a brilliant way to promote your bar for Christmas. 

Book Christmas Parties Early On

Neon "OPEN" sign on display with Christmas decor

Christmas parties are the proverbial jackpot for your establishment when the holiday season is at its peak. Come December, everyone from the local football team to the bigwigs in the corporate community will have plans to head out for food and drinks. What’s more, everyone wants to have a good time which means they’ll be spending quite a bit of money for a fun and entertaining time.  

As a bar, you need to put your establishment out there and be sure to present it as an attractive proposition. Target your bar to such specific groups as bookings from them will be key to the festive profits you’ll potentially make. It is very likely that such groups will start scouting for good places early on, which means, you need to be the early bird here as well. Make use of whatever avenues available to you to spread the word about your bar accepting booking for Christmas time. 

Finalise your menu by adding classic festive tipples like craft beers, eggnog and mulled wine. Don’t forget to add fun Christmas food to the menu as well. Once you’ve figured this out, send across flyers, promote yourself on Facebook and Instagram, perhaps the local newspaper as well to showcase what you are offering.

Preparing Your Bar for Christmas with Festive Decorations

Preparing your bar for Christmas; Busy outdoor restaurant seating area

For any pub or bar, dressing up your venue with Christmas decorations will go a long way in not only looking holiday-ready but also attracting eyeballs. You could go all out with Christmas decor or add subtle touches here and there to make your exteriors as visually appealing as possible. 

Your exterior decorations will play an important role in the first impression your patrons will have. It can either make or break the deal as the vibe and ambience you display will help them decide if they’d like to come into your establishment. 

The interior of your bar is equally important. Your bar area needs to look festive and merry with garlands, mistletoe and twinkling lights working their magic. As the weather is going to be chilly, be sure to make your seating areas nice and comfy with logs in the fires or proper temperature control. 

Your customers are likely to stay longer if your bar offers the right level of comfort and cheer to them. Don’t forget to add a tree in a corner. It could be a real tree or an imitation – the point is that it’ll act as the dedicated centrepiece that ties the overall holiday theme of the season together. 

Account for All the Extra Arrangements You Need to Make

Bartenders making drinks drinks for patrons

As a part of preparing your bar for Christmas, be sure to account for all the small details and busywork that’s bound to come up amidst the festivities. Make arrangements for extra members of the staff for the busier time to keep customer waiting time to a minimum

Take care of your team’s morale as it is the time for festivities and merriment. Know that all your staff is working hard to keep the business going. Play your part in keeping the Christmas spirit high. 

Plan on having a fun Christmas Jumper Day or team outing so everyone feels involved and cheery for the season. You can also plan for Secret Santa so that your staff doesn’t miss out on the holiday fun. 

Remember that your team will play a crucial role in keeping your bar’s atmosphere upbeat and jolly, so take care of their happiness as well. 

Promote Your Bar For Christmas 2021 with Festive Beermats from Mosaic Board Printers!

No matter what you plan, the bottom line is that you need to ensure that your customers have a great time at your establishment. 

If you make your patrons happy, they are bound to come back to you while also recommending you to their friends and family. With this in mind, dress your bar to impress!

Promoting yourself to your patrons is key here and while you can invest in online and social media marketing, don’t let the ball drop on your offline marketing tactics

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Distribute them in advance to create a buzz about your bar. 

Use these in your bars as well as a part of your fun Christmas decor!

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