5 Exciting Oktoberfest Bar Events That’ll Sell Out Your Beer Stock

Date: 4 October 2022

Oktoberfest is one of the largest beer festivals in the world! 

Originating in the Bavarian city of Munich, it begins in mid-September and finishes in the first week of October. 

The influence of Oktoberfest has spread throughout Europe and the United Kingdom is no exception. Bars should take advantage of this festival and celebrate—it’s not only entertaining but will also increase your foot traffic. 

People love drinking beer during Oktoberfest, and that’s made very clear by the beer consumption during that time, around 7.3 million litres. This means that you can attract customers during Oktoberfest by hosting events that carry the Bavarian spirit. 

To bring the vibe of Oktoberfest to your bar, we’ve created a list of events that you should host at your local. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Beer-brewing Class

Man Pouring Beer from a Beer Tank's Tap

Although Oktoberfest is all about drinking as much beer as you can, you should also allow customers to make one for themselves. You can host a beer brewing class with some of your consumers to get them invested in the process.

It’s good fun for all, and you can call guests to feature in the classes. There’s nothing better than a good pint of beer after a day’s hard work—customers are bound to drink up the ones they’ve brewed themselves. 

For the class, you will need to get a massive table, brewing equipment and some beer mats to soak up the spillages

This is where we come in, so talk to us for all your coaster requirements!

2. Beer Party in a Garden

best bar events for Oktoberfest; a beer party in a garden

You can take the Oktoberfest spirit outside and host a beer party in a garden or a venue. This is also a great way to promote your pub and attract new customers.

We highly recommend hosting a party if you have the budget to rent a place. If you choose to host a party, put up a fun marquee to attract more customers. 

Additionally, you can get creative and promote your bar through customised beer mats or by putting banners above your stall. Hosting a beer party outside will help you increase your beer sales while providing opportunities to promote your brand. 

The printed beer coasters can act as freebies you distribute to mark all the fun everyone had at the Oktoberfest bash! Click here to place orders for custom coasters from Mosaic Board Printers!

3. Oktoberfest Games

games for Oktoberfest parties; people playing beer pong

One of the best ideas to try during Oktoberfest is to host some Bavarian games at your pub. These activities should be announced at least a week prior to the event so you can allow participants to enter.

Additionally, you can charge entry fees to increase your bottom line. You can host these activities either inside your bar or outside, if you have the space that is. 

These games are bound to attract a crowd and you may find some new visitors in your bar hoping to participate. Some interesting games for Oktoberfest parties include sausage-eating contests, beer stein races and chicken dancing. 

4. Bavarian Dance Party

Oktoberfest games; a Bavarian dance logo

If you have a dancefloor (or just some space spare!) at your pub or bar, you can get everyone excited for Oktoberfest by hosting a Bavarian dance party. We recommend hiring professional dancers to perform a Bavarian dance act, and later, they can teach some moves to your customers

Your patrons are bound to have a great time, so don’t forget to announce the event on your social media platforms. Raise the bar for your Oktoberfest bash by going the mile with our fun and customised beer mats. Print the Bavarian dance logo on the beer mat along with the date and time of the event.

Be sure to print your bar’s name along with other key details to market your local.

5. Oktoberfest Dress-up Party

oktoberfest ideas; a girl dressed in Bavarian clothing

Along with the Oktoberfest dance, you can also arrange a dress-up party where everyone has to show up in traditional Bavarian clothing. To motivate people to come in these outfits, you should announce a prize for the best-dressed customer. 

Men should arrive in their finest lederhosen and Tyrolean hats, while ladies can dress up in a dirndl and braid their hair. It’ll bring an exciting atmosphere to your bar and everyone is bound to have a great time celebrating Oktoberfest.

Ensure that you stock up on craft beers and other popular ales and swipes because isn’t that the point of Oktoberfest after all?

Contact Mosaic to Get Your Beer Mats Ready for Oktoberfest

Now that you have some ideas of the best Oktoberfest bar events, it is time to set the wheels in motion to make it happen. The first step – create an Oktoberfest ambience in your bar!

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