3 Best Non-Alcoholic Mother’s Day Drinks for Your Mum

Date: 15 March 2022

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You should also be seeing Mother’s Day as an opportunity to grow. With these non-alcoholic Mother’s Day drinks added to your menu, you’ll ensure that your customer base is fully accounted for. 

Without further ado, let’s learn the simple recipes! 

1. Sundowner 

A bartender pouring a drink in a serving glass.

Sundowner is a simple yet sophisticated and delicately flavoured drink, that’s perfect for all mums. It’s a sweet little mocktail that has a lighter profile, apt for a Mother’s Day brunch.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, there’s a chance that your customers will choose lunchtime to spend some quality time with their mothers. A drink like a Sundowner is perfect to help them celebrate their Mother’s Day at lunchtime.

The Sundowner is made from white grape juice, similar to white wine but this non-alcoholic drink comes with a touch of sparkle to make it a little more special!

Yes, making a Sundowner is just like making a grape soda, but it’s light and airy. The mocktail is also infused with the sweetness of fresh fruit.

If you’re planning to add this drink to your menu for the special occasion, make sure you complete it by adding a few leaves of mint to garnish the top. Not only does this add a touch of sophistication, while slowly infusing the mint flavour into the drink, but it also adds a new layer of freshness!

2. Mango Julius 

Mother's Day Drinks; pieces of fresh-cut mango.

This mocktail is a fruity smoothie with a tropical flair.

The Mango Julius is one step ahead of its rivals, a take on the popular Orange Julius and just as easy to make.

It’s a blended drink; both familiar and unique. The star ingredient, mango, gives the simple recipe an entirely new flavour and a prominent tropical flair.

No matter what’s on your menu, Mango Julius pairs evenly with almost all flavours.

To make this recipe all you need is mango juice (preferably fresh), milk, sugar, vanilla extract, vanilla ice cream and good ol’ ice.

Blend all of the ingredients in a blender until smooth, then pour into a chilled hurricane glass.


3. Peggy Provence 

Mother's Day Drinks; a yellow drink with a white flower floating on top

A unique take on a mocktail, the Peggy Provence has a refreshing taste of floral herbs. Different from all the other fruit mocktails, this Mother’s Day drink is sure to step into the limelight for all of your customers.

It has a delicately balanced combination of lavender and rosemary; their blend is simply divine, creating a unique Mother’s Day drink.

The recipe then adds this blend to fresh lemonade, which is finally topped with a good quality lavender soda. It’s one of the featured drinks in Natalie Bovis’ book- ‘Preggatinis’, made in a way that everyone will enjoy. 

If you’re looking for a mocktail that all your Mother’s Day customers will rave about for days, Peggy Provence should be at the top of your menu this Mother’s Day.


Summing Up… 

Having several options is important but it’s even more crucial to have a variety of drink options to accommodate all of your potential customers. Adding these non-alcoholic Mother’s Day drinks in will widen your menu which will eventually widen your customer base. 

This is a strategy that can turn tables and make your business grow tenfold over time. The other benefit is that they will keep your menu fresh, leaving a professional impression on your potential customers. 

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The bar and pub industry is extremely competitive, meaning that you need to experiment and bring in new strategies time and again. That said, upcoming Mother’s Day is your perfect opportunity to shine- so play your cards right with the best Mother’s Day drinks and you never know, this could very well be your year! 

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