3 Ways To Make Your Pub More Artistic

Date: 19 October 2021

We’ve all been to pubs that have incredible interiors and ambience that add to the overall drinking experience. 

However, we’ve also been to a few drinking establishments that were good places but when it came to their decor and interiors, we instinctively knew that they needed a revamp. In present times, the importance of having creative and artistic elements in your pub is essential in creating a better experience for your customers.

While the main element of a pub is of course the craft beers and the other delicious cocktails and drinks, the atmosphere and ambience that your pub promotes are what makes it appealing. 

That said, if you’re looking to make your pub artistic, incorporating decor and changing the interiors can be something every pub owner can consider to revamp the place and breathe new life into it.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of different things you can do to make your pub artistic and creative to attract more customers.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Add Creativity With Customised Decor

make your pub artistic; a stylish bar counter with drinks

While traditional bars do sport common decor pieces that are seen across many, opting for something new and different can add to the overall artistic aesthetic that you want to incorporate in your pub.

Most drinking establishments have started incorporating more creative decor pieces into their design to attract their target audience easily. For example, places with decor that are deemed ‘Instagrammable’ usually have a constant flux of younger customers that frequent the place, solely due to the aesthetics.

Elements like art pieces and abstract art, customised decor items like sculptures, neon signs, and unique walls are great ways to start incorporating creativity in the space. 

Another thing you could focus on is the individual tables. Since the person sitting and having a drink should also be able to enjoy the vibe from the comfort of their seat, paying attention to this can be a smart move on your part. 

You can add creative and customised beermats from Mosaic Board Printers with unique designs to add a splash of extra creativity to the table. With this, also make sure to focus on the seating to ensure all-round comfort for your patrons.

2. Change Up Your Furniture For Something More Aesthetic

aesthetic graffiti art on a while of a drinking establishment

Furniture has a big impact on the overall vibe of the place. While most pub owners usually do emphasise comfortable and aesthetic furniture, with the introduction of several new styles and designs in the market, there’s a chance that the furniture in your pub may be outdated, especially if you have had it for a while. 

That said, if you’re looking to make your pub artistic, changing your furniture for something more stylish can promote a creative vibe in your pub that in turn, is bound to attract more customers.

With so many bespoke and vintage furniture options, you could mix and match different features to add some character to your pub. You can also think of switching up the finishing options on your beermats to make them extra special. 

Additionally, if you want something more robust-looking, you can get customised wooden furniture to maintain the traditional pub vibe with a twist.

3. Leverage The Lighting

a speakeasy vibe inside a dimly-lit bar

Although your pub may have excellent interiors with artistic decor and furniture, it will all live up to its potential only when highlighted with good lighting.

The impact of lighting can be very advantageous in promoting the design and overall look of your establishment. While it is an underrated area, many pub owners do make the most of it to create a better ambience.

Be it pendant lighting, spotlights, neon signs or a combination of them all, there are several incredible lighting options available that can add some much-needed aesthetic and style to your establishment.

With this, the compelling and artistic interiors that are highlighted, add to the customer’s experience and can persuade them into returning for the amazing experience. Add your signature drinks and craft beers to this, and it does not get any better!

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