5 Father’s Day Beer and Food Pairings To Try This Father’s Day

Date: 14 May 2024

Father’s Day is right around the corner and as this special day approaches, many are still on the hunt to find the perfect Father’s Day present.

Whether it’s gifting him a lovely shirt or taking him on an outdoor adventure, there are countless surprises and activities you could plan that are sure to go down a treat.

However, have you considered incorporating beer into your Father’s Day plans? 

Beer is a wonderful beverage that many dads love to indulge in. Did you know that beer pairs perfectly with some, if not all, classic dad snacks and dishes? Or perhaps you’re well aware but unsure about how best to pair different types of beer! 

Not to worry, we know a thing or two about beer and food pairings that will definitely please your dad’s palate.

In this guide, we will take you through the best beer and food pairings that will allow you to take your dad on an unforgettable journey of flavour.

Let’s begin!

1) Full English and India Pale Ales (IPAs)

A classic English fry up is a great way to start your dad’s day! If your dad isn’t an early riser, why not turn this into a brunch with beer. 

A crisp and light IPA is the perfect match to go with a full English. The hoppy scent and bittersweet taste, pair perfectly when served with all the classic breakfast components! This flavour-packed breakfast or brunch is bound to get your dad’s day off to a perfect start. 

India Pale Ales (IPAs) are hoppy beers which often carry fruity or citrus flavours to compliment the light nature of the beer. There are a huge variety of IPAs out there which vary in colour, taste and alcohol percentage, depending on where and how it is brewed, the flavours which are used and much more. 

The versatility of IPA is great as it means there is something for everyone. If you are unsure what your dad likes you could get a crafty IPA as this is likely to be something new for him to try.  

2) Steak and Porter

what goes with beer, beer besides steak

You can never go wrong with a classic serving of steak and chips. This mouthwatering meal gives you an opportunity to impress your dad with some great culinary skills and will definitely be a big hit!

A succulent steak with its rich flavour palate calls for a darker beer to complement it. Beer and food pairings are an art form that require careful consideration of flavours and textures. That’s why we believe that you can’t ever go wrong in pairing this heavenly meal with a glass of porter. 

This 18th-century style English beer is packed with top-fermenting ale yeasts and plenty of hops to match your steak fantastically. The rich and decadent dish of steak and chips is best enjoyed with this classic drink. 

3) Spicy Chilli and Pale Lagers

If your dad is a fan of spicy foods, give him a special Father’s Day treat with a zesty serving of chilli con carne or his favourite spicy curry. You could order the dish from his favourite restaurant or if you’re feeling up to the challenge, prepare it yourself. 

To top off this spicy and indulgent dish, we recommend pairing it with a pale lager to truly delight his senses. Pale lagers are a versatile drink that can completely elevate a spice-centred meal.

Owing to their highly carbonated nature, pale lagers are exceptionally great for adding a dash of refreshment and elevating spicy flavours. As a spice lover, your dad is sure to appreciate this thoughtful beer and food pairing.

4) Roast Dinner and Amber Ales

best beer and food pairings, beer with a roast dinner

Crispy roast potatoes, succulent meat drizzled in a rich gravy, with a classic Yorkshire pudding and fresh carrots and peas cooked to perfection. A traditional roast dinner is the epitome of a Father’s Day dinner. 

This Sunday classic is guaranteed to make any dad’s day. When it comes to beer pairings for a roast dinner, we believe that an amber ale would best complement all of the delicious elements.

The sweetness of the malt balances the savoury taste of your roast dinner in a truly divine way. To add a final touch of class, you could even order some custom beermats in memory of this splendid Father’s Day dinner.



5) Desserts and Stouts

There’s no better way to end a Father’s Day meal than with a delicious dessert.

Whether you plan on indulging your dad with a rich, chocolate-filled treat like brownies, a decadent mousse or a creamy vanilla ice cream, you can’t go wrong with pairing it with an imperial milk stout. 

Stouts are deep and dark top-fermented drinks that have a pleasant dry finish to match. Amongst all the fabulous beer and food pairings you can imagine, dessert with a classic stout will never disappoint. 

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