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5 Reasons Why Watching The Euros in a Sports Bar Is Unbeatable

5 Reasons Why Watching The Euros in a Sports Bar Is Unbeatable

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5 Minute read, Published: June 11, 2024

The European Football Championship is eagerly awaited by football fans across the world and it is, once again, nearly upon us. For us sports enthusiasts, each match is more than just 90 minutes of adrenaline-pumping action—it’s a sacred ritual, a social event, and a lifestyle. 

Whether you’re a diehard football fanatic or a casual viewer, your venue of choice for watching the game can have a significant impact on your experience. As great as it can be to watch a football match live, it’s not the only way to enjoy a game and, in our opinion, not the best.

Sports bars offer an interesting alternative to watching your favourite team at the stadium. Say goodbye to high ticket prices and the hassle of getting to the stadium in favour of enjoying the Euros football matches on the big screen. 

In this article, we’ll discuss five key reasons why grabbing a booth in your local sports bar is the best way to enjoy the big game.

1) You Get the Best View of the Game

When you visit a stadium, your seat location plays a crucial role in your entire Euro match-viewing experience. Depending on where in the stadium you’re seated, your view may be limited, and you may miss out on key moments in the match.

You might also end up seated behind somebody tall or beside disruptive fans who take your focus away from the game. You don’t have this issue at a sports bar though, as you have viewing access to all angles of the grounds and the best chance of catching every exciting moment (in high definition!). 

More importantly, under the cover of a sports bar, you won’t have to worry about any impromptu changes in weather conditions as you’re safely sheltered indoors. 

2) Superior Food and Drink Options

euros matches, friends watching football in sports bar with food

Since the days of traditional pies and pints, stadium food has come a long way. But sports bars still come up on top when it comes to culinary diversity. 

While many stadiums have improved their food and drink menus over the years, your options still remain limited and even the smallest stadium snack costs an arm and a leg. 

Sports bars offer more affordable food and drink options, and, even better, you never need to leave your seat. The atmosphere is still great—many sports bars get into the spirit during the Euros football matches and set out custom beer mats as a resting spot for your drinks. 

A sports bar allows you to enjoy your food, along with a couple of cold beers, with your friends in front of the big screen. Plus, the variety of beverages at a sports bar – from themed cocktails to craft beer – is far better than those offered at the stadium. Undeniably, choosing to watch football at a sports bar promises you a more diverse and delicious eating experience. 

3) You Can Watch Multiple Games at the Same Time

Football matchups are often random and at times, two of your favourite teams may end up playing at the same time. 

At a stadium, you can only watch the Euros football match occurring in front of you, no matter how frustrating it may be. 

But in a sports bar with multiple games showing on different screens, you can watch several of your favourite teams play without missing out on any of the action. Simply turn your head and a new high-definition screen with a different ongoing game awaits you.

4) Cheering Alongside Fellow Football Fanatics

euros football matches 2024, group of friends staring at football match on screen in sports bar

The electricity that comes from the collective roar of the crowd as your team scores a goal is undeniable, and an experience you do not want to miss.

We believe that this euphoric release of emotion is best observed and shared in the cosy atmosphere of a sports bar. In this shared space, fellow fans become part of your extended family as you cheer on your favourite team.

Each impressive play is distinctly followed by a chorus of cheers, creating an adrenaline-filled atmosphere as you react to every twist and turn of the match. 

It’s this shared enthusiasm for the sport and the players that fosters a sense of community, making sports bars the ideal setting to celebrate victories and commiserate defeats. 

5) Easy Accessibility and Saves You Money 

As thrilling as it is to watch your favourite teams go head to head in an all-stakes match in a stadium, tickets for these matches can be very expensive. Beyond the price of the ticket, attending a live match often involves other costs, from snacks to parking fees and more. 

Visiting a sports bar is the much cheaper alternative because you’ll only pay for your food and drinks. Many bars spare no expense when it comes to Euros football matches, decorating their interiors with banners, flags and football-themed beer mats to set the mood for an exciting game.

Not only do these sports bars provide a more affordable alternative, but they’re easily accessible, making them a preferred choice for many.

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