4 Festive Drinks We Think You Should Try

Date: 14 December 2021

Beers are a part of almost every celebration, and with Christmas around the corner, we have the chance to try out several limited edition festive beers.

Christmas craft beers are unique, flavourful and perfect for the festive season.

Whether you pair it with something or have it on its own, they’re guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Since they’re different from the traditional craft beers, having a list of the best Christmas beers can allow you to try out as many different flavours as you desire.

With this in mind, the experts at Mosaic Board Printers, have put together a list of the best Christmas beers that appeal to every palate. 

We explored some of the best festive beers in the previous blog and we’re adding to that list so that you can find the perfect holiday beer!

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Shiner’s Holiday Cheer

best Christmas beers; a beer glass with overflowing beer

Shiner’s Holiday Cheer is a beer that’s easily at the top of the list of the best festive beers. While a classic Christmas beer is always a good idea, this incredible beer is the perfect way to experience the Christmas holiday cheer!

With the perfect mix of sweetness between the pecan and peach notes, this beer is flavorful without being too much for the palate. The slight bitterness that follows enhances the palate without letting go of the classic Shiner taste.

Paired with cookies or cheese, this beer is a great drink for the holidays!

2. Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome

best Christmas beers; a beer glass filled with beer.

If you’re looking to try out an incredible Christmas ale, Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome is a perfect choice!

This limited edition seasonal beer is brewed especially for the winters with luxurious malt characteristics that appeal to a vast range of tastes. Sporting an earthy taste with hints of floral, tea, and honey, this beer is perfect for keeping on a beermat and sitting in front of a fireplace, while relaxing with your loved ones.

The creamy carbonation adds a bit of tang to it without any bitterness or sweetness. This beer is aromatic and warm with balanced flavours, and earthy tones, making it perfect for the holiday season.

3. Sierra Nevada’s Celebration

a bottle of Sierra nevada

Sierra Nevada’s Celebration IPA is one of the top contenders for the best Christmas beers.

This robust ale with fresh hops of the season is complex and has a unique flavour. Layered with pine and citrus that is skillfully balanced, the flavours play around with the rich malt sweetness that makes this drink a winter classic.

The strong aromas reflect the classic American IPA but the hop nuance emerges as the game-changer that cuts out the bitterness. While this drink may feel heavy, it warms you up like every other seasonal drink making it one of the best holiday beers.

4.  Tröegs Brewing’s Mad Elf

a person holding a glass of beer in their hand

One of the most satisfying holidays brews that easily make it amongst the best Christmas beers for the holiday season, Mad Elf is a drink every beer lover should definitely try out.

The delicate yet perfect balance of cherries and honey with malt and alcohol make this drink a great beer. Since this beer is known for its punch with fruity undertones, having it with a nice meal makes it even more enjoyable.

The aromas of cherry with a faint sweetness further enhance the beer making it a great choice for every Christmas celebration. You could crack two of these open and place them on our personalised beermats to enjoy them with your best friend, family member or significant other.

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