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5 Best Beer Brands To Offer At Your Pub In 2022

5 Best Beer Brands To Offer At Your Pub In 2022


4 Minute read, Published: February 15, 2022

Despite all the menace in the world, one of the most wonderful things that unite us is beer. A good taste in beer is always appreciated, and when it comes to the best beer brands, the whole world agrees. 

The latest stats are in, and now we can find out all about the best beer brands impartially chosen by the beer consumers of the planet. 

In this blog post, we bring you the five most popular beer brands across the globe so you can ensure that your pub serves the best beer in the world. 

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Now, without any further delay, let’s dive into the wonderful world of beer. 

1. Corona 

best beer brands; a man's hand with a corona extra by the ocean

Despite the hapless name association with the you-know-what, Corona beers rank on the top of this list.

Although their brand value took a huge hit, dropping from $8,065M in 2020 to $5822M in 2021, they still managed to beat Heineken at the number 1 spot.

With many of its consumers in North America, Corona’s most popular product remains Corona Extra.

A strong lager beer with a smooth, nonchalant taste that’s perfect for casual drinking. The Mexican beer is often served with a slice of lemon, giving it a unique taste that most other beers cannot mimic.


2. Heineken 

best beer brands; the top half of the Heineken beer bottle

In close competition with Corona, Heineken ranks as the second most popular beer brand globally.

With their excellent marketing strategies, Heineken beers are probably the most widely known beers all over the planet. 

One of the top contributors to their popularity is their unique and distinctive taste. The rich flavour of the Heineken beers comes from a component called yeast-A.

Furthermore, their brilliant brand image consistent with their products’ quality has helped them greatly capture the worldwide market. 


3. Budweiser

best beer brands; the can opener of the Budweiser beer can

Budweiser’s simplicity is what makes it so unique.

Ranking third on the list of the best beer brands, Budweiser is particularly popular in America as the king of beers.

With a simple ultra-light flavour the drink is perfect for casual, hot summers. With an overall brand value of $4,790M, Budweiser is famous for its smooth and consistent taste across the globe.  



4. Stella Artois

a pint of stella artois beer

Stella Artois is one of the most popular beers in the country.

Consumed in more than 80 countries, Stella Artois is known for its strong flavour and superior quality. 

The beer is stronger than most other lager beers and is considered a symbol of class and taste.

With its perfectly balanced flavour, delicious aroma and supreme brewing process, the beer is perfect for all occasions.  


5. Carling 

a hand holding a glass of the carling beer

Finally, the most beloved, Carling Beers. One of the best-selling beers in the country, Carling beers rose to popularity in the 1970s and have been there since.

With a smooth, rich flavour and an alcohol content of 4%, the beer is perfect for casual drinking and parties.

The well-balanced alcohol and taste greatly appeal to the masses of the country. In a broad market like the UK, given its popularity, Carling has sold more than 1,700,000 Hectolitres of lager in 2020. 



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