Artwork Guide for Ordering Beermats Online

Here at Mosaic we have invested in the best technology and machinery but it doesn’t matter how good all that is if the design or artwork is set up incorrectly. But don’t worry, we have been producing beer mats for over 20 years so we know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t work. With that in mind we have come up with a set of simple instructions/guidelines for you to follow:

  • Page Size

    Start with a page size that is 100mm x 100mm. This represents the 94mm finished size of the mat plus 3mm bleed on all sides. 3mm Bleed is required if you have a background colour or image that you want to print up to the edge of the finished mat. NB: If you are using Photoshop set the resolution to 300 pixels/inch.

  • Safe Area

    Keep all elements that you do not want to be trimmed into or off within an 86mm x 86mm “Safe Area”.

  • Would you like a border?

    If you want a border on your design this needs to be 7mm, although because of movement on the printing press designs without a border work better.

  • Image size and resolution

    Make images a minimum of 300dpi in resolution, at 100% size, and do not enlarge them anymore than 20%.

  • Text and fonts

    We advise a minimum of 7pt font size for dark text sitting on a light background and 8pt BOLD for all light text on a dark background.

  • Colours

    Beermat material does soak up some of the ink so please bear in mind that colours may look less vibrant than you see on your screen. Likewise, there is an element of dot gain so very dark colours can end up looking almost black when printed. We only print out of CMYK so please do not use any spot/Pantone colours.If you would like a job printed using specific spot colours please contact the sales team for a quote.

    If you do have any solid black areas, or very large black text, please colour up as 20% Cyan, 20% Magenta, 20% Yellow and 100% Black. For all other black text please ensure it is coloured as 100% Black only.

  • Saving your file

    Save your file as a 300dpi jpeg with all guides removed for all orders placed through the website. For orders place directly with our sales team please download our artwork specifications for preferred files formats.

  • Uploading your design

    Select whether you would like a square or round beermat and click “Uploads”. The website shows the guides on screen so when you upload your design you can see the safe area, the edge of the mat and the bleed area (3mm around the edge that gets cut off).

Artwork Tips

Why do we need bleed?

When producing the mats there is always a little stretch and then movement when cutting them out. If the image only went to the edge of the mat (94mm x 94mm) you would end up with white edges on the finished mat. By extending the background by 3mm around the edge this movement is not noticeable and print will always go right to the edge on the finished mat.

Why do we have a ‘Safe Area’?

We have a Safe Area because of the board stretch and movement during production. Any element that sits outside this 86mm x 86mm area may get cut off or trimmed into on the finished mat.

Why such a large border?

7mm includes the 3mm bleed plus the 4mm up to the Safe Area. If you make the border smaller than 4mm any movement we get during production will appear more obvious and the borders look uneven. For best results we would actually advise avoiding borders in your design.

Image sizing advice

The quality of the image depends on the resolution. If the image is less than 300dpi it will begin to pixelate and appear bitmapped. When you enlarge an image this reduces it’s resolution, so always place at 100% or less.

Why are there minimum type sizes?

To do it’s job properly beermat material has to be very absorbent. Imagine dropping some ink onto some kitchen roll and seeing it spread. The spread of ink isn’t as apparent on the beermat material but you can see what we mean. Because of this spread two things can happen: 1) Dark text that sits on a light background can become ‘bunged in’ if it is too small. 2) Light text reversing out of a dark colour can ‘fill in’ when the ink spreads Both make text unreadable.

Do you have artwork guidelines for larger runs?

Yes, Large runs and bespoke orders are taken manually so we can give you personal service and prices. At the bottom of this page please download the "Large Run / Bespoke Beermat Artwork Guide".