5 Creative Finishing Options for Beer Mats

Author: Mosaic
Date: 21 September 2021

Beermats are an important component of every bar’s setup.

With the numerous ways they can be used, beermats are a multi-functional accessory that improves every bar. Whether it is for marketing and advertising strategies to a medium that improves customer experience, the diversity of these handy promotional tools, is amazing. 

Since these versatile beer coasters are so popular, it only makes sense that there are several beermat finishing options available. Whether you stick to something traditional or opt for something modern, a beermat doesn’t necessarily have to be simple or plain-looking.

With this in mind, if you’re looking to find out more about the different beermat finishing options, you’ve come to the right place. At Mosaic, with our several years of dedicated service providing quality beermats for all, we know a thing or two about this handy bar accessory.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Scented Varnish

Beermat Finishing Options; stylish beermats with flowers placed next to them

Scented products are a guaranteed way of attracting more customers to what you offer. Since a fragrant scent is an instant way of enhancing the appeal of a beermat, a scented varnish is one of the best beermat finishing options that you should definitely consider.

Additionally, whether it is for your pub or a personal event, with the various scents available you can select something that better suits your occasion or set-up. 

Another idea you could consider is to speak to your personalised beermat manufacturer to see if you can get a customised scent to make these unique beer coasters all the more special and unique.

2. Relief Varnish

Beermat Finishing Options; an aesthetic glass of drink placed on a coaster on top of a wooden table

Relief varnish has been popular in the printing industry for a long time and for good reason! From making your brand stand out to giving the beermats a glossy finish, relief varnish works wonders in making a beermat look more creative.

When it comes to artistic beermat finishing options, relief varnish is one of the more popular options on the market, thanks to the unique look and feel of the finished product.

Additionally, with the option of having your brand name stand out in 3D, this also serves as a great tool for your advertising and marketing campaign.

3. UV/Glitter Varnish

A wooden beermat with a UV varnish placed aesthetically over wood

Building on the topic of creative beermat finishing options, a UV/glitter varnish is perfect for those looking for a more striking finish on their beermats. Whether you choose glitter or matte, your beermat can be simple but striking with the addition of this fun element.

Moreover, you can get your beermats customised with colours and glitter that are an aesthetic representation of your brand, making them an impactful addition to any pub or bar.



4. Lamination

A glass of chilled beer placed on a coaster next to a cup of coffee

Although one of the simpler beermat finishing options, lamination is an iconic go-to option for many pub owners. This functional and simple finish lasts much longer, compared to others, making it a great choice for every pub owner.

Whether it is to complement the existing aesthetic or to add a functional and practical accessory, laminated beermats have always been a staple across various culinary establishments. Additionally, with the option of having your design last longer, a laminated beermat becomes a great choice for all.

5. Hot Foil Imprinting

A big beer glass placed over a square-shaped beermat

One of the best beermat finishing options is a hot foil imprint on your coaster. While many deem this as a luxurious look for business cards and other printed objects, this extra-special finish on your beermat can work wonders in elevating the look of the beermat.

For those looking for something unique, hot foil is a great option as it has a bold look that can help add to the aesthetic of the place. Additionally, with the option of several incredible beermat designs, you can find something that meets all your needs.



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