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3 Tips to Help Your Bar Survive On New Year’s Eve

3 Tips to Help Your Bar Survive On New Year’s Eve

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3 Minute read, Published: December 29, 2021

Making your bar ready for any massive occasion surely tests you in all aspects of running your business. It becomes a subject of survival. 

That said, bars are known for having a pool of customers on new year’s eve; people want to have a good time with their loved ones.  

The responsibility falls on you; to be the best host of the evening! Followed by increased planning, and strategies to achieve as much profit as you can; you have to invest months before the actual day. 

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That said, in this blog we have created a list of bar preparation tips to save you some time. 

Let’s dive right in! 

1. Planning and Preparation

bar preparation tips; a bar setup

Planning should be a part of your strategies throughout the year, but you should be more proactive on special nights like New Year’s Eve. 

Preparation in all aspects such as stocking of booze, food, events (if any, for instance – musical night) will take you months; so you should plan accordingly. 

That said, planning helps boost your professional outlook, of how you want to portray your business in the eyes of the crowd that day.



2. Your Staff

bar preparation tips; a bartender making drinks.

The F&B business is known for its year-round celebrations, wherein the staff are needed to work in the holidays. Naturally, not being able to enjoy the year-end can take its toll on the staff and you shouldn’t let that slide. 

Therefore, one of the most important bar preparation tips is to keep your staff happy and motivated. The way to go about it is very subjective, but simple ‘looking out’ techniques such as taking care of their meals, paying for their travel expenses and offering family discounts can help. 

Pro tip – Chances are, some of your staff might not be available for the event, so it’s always good to hire extra, just in case. 


3. Introduce Creativity 

Liquor bottles placed creatively on the counter.

New Year’s tends to get every pub owner on their feet; with a massive expected headcount and anticipated sales, every pub owner in your vicinity will do the bare minimum (of hiring staff, preparing, and planning). 

This is your cue to get creative, something unique for maximum customer attraction. For starters, you can introduce promotional offers that are limited to the New Year. Meaning, the window between Christmas and New Year should be your bull’s eye, where you should promote your business the most

Another great idea is to introduce unique and limited new year themed cocktails in your bar, which can draw in food bloggers, make your internet presence apparent and bring in more bookings for the evening. 

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Detailing in your planning for this event can help you in many ways. This brings us to beermats; an important and easy way to market your brand. 

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With occasion focused bar menu and decor, there’s another scope of bringing creativity to your business. Given that there is a limitless space for flexibility, customised beermats can help you to add a unique edge.

You can wish your customers a ‘Happy New Year’ and curate a lucky draw; where a few beermats can be prizes. 

In a nutshell, you should let your creativity flow, to ensure a memorable time for your customers. 

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