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4 Bar Design Concepts and Ideas That’ll Leave Your Customers in Awe

4 Bar Design Concepts and Ideas That’ll Leave Your Customers in Awe


4 Minute read, Published: August 2, 2022

Just like the location of your bar, the design of it also plays an important role in attracting customers to your establishment. Whether people come in to try your refreshing cocktails or watch a football match, you want your bar to be appealing and give a great ambience to drum up business.

On top of that, your bar design plays a big part in determining if your customers will stay at your pub for hours or leave as soon as they’ve had a drink.

To help you out, this article will suggest some bar design concepts that you can use to inject some style into your pub!

Let’s get started!

1. Get Your Bar Outdoors

outdoor bar concepts; an empty bar outside If you own a bar in a good location, for example, near the beach or at the top of a building with a beautiful view, you should consider having a bar without a roof. There’s nothing better than enjoying a good view, with fresh air, while having a drink. 

If it’s sunny, you can place an umbrella on top of the tables. For a good outdoor bar design, consider adding a durable wooden floor or something similar that will stand up to sunlight and rain. 

Don’t forget to add some special cocktails, good food and to serve beer on the menu to attract more customers to your place. 

It’s also better to add beer mats on the tables to avoid any unnecessary spillages ruining your tables. 

2. Place Bottles as Decor

bar design tips; bottles and glass placed on shelves If you’re running a bar, you’ve got to ensure that your customers know you’re serving drinks. While it’s common to see bottles placed on the shelves of the bartending area, don’t hesitate to place them elsewhere too. 

You can place bottles and glasses anywhere on the top shelves of your bar to display the variety of drinks that your bar serves. You could create a great bottle display or artwork on one or all of your pub’s walls. Bottles and glasses can work as beautiful decor, so pick and choose these accordingly. 

You can also add other things, like bar tools and plates, anything that you think will bring ambience to your restaurant. Try creating a motif of colours and pick themed accessories like beer mats from Mosaic to match your bar’s theme.

3. Make it Vintage

vintage bar concepts; a vintage bar counter Wines are known for having a vintage feel, and it’s time to bring that atmosphere into your wine bar. You can create an old-school look by adding wooden tables and other period furniture. Be sure to have them all polished and repurposed to really nail the classic look.

You can add round lights with a nice yellow glow to bring more of that traditional tavern look once it goes dark. As for wall colours, you can choose pastel or slightly darker shades to add to the bar’s ambience. 

Don’t forget to add some vintage drinks to the menu to make your customers feel like they’ve travelled back in time. Additionally, along with one of the best bar design concepts, you can also apply creative promotion techniques based on the theme of your bar!

4. Add Paintings and Images to the Walls

bar design ideas; paintings on a bar wall There’s nothing more useful for a bar than sending messages to your customers by adding pictures to your walls. Based on the theme of your bar, you should consider adding images of celebrities, or messages that represent your brand.

For instance, if you’re going for a ’60s-themed bar, you’ve got to add photos of icons like the Beatles, or other influential artists of that time. Get some accessories that fit your theme, and customers are bound to spend more time at your place.

At Mosaic, we offer customised beer mats to help bring your bar design concept to reality. You can choose what you want to add to your beer mats to suit the bar’s layout, while also providing your customers with a fun place to put their drinks. 

Choose Mosaic Board Printers for Personalised Beer Mats

When planning unique bar design concepts, it’s sometimes difficult to find accessories that fit the theme of your bar. However, with Mosaic Board Printers, you get the creative freedom you need as you can fully customise your beer mats. 

With years of experience printing unique beer mats for our customers, we can assure you that you will receive the best service.

What’s more, we also provide high-quality packaging and carton manufacturing services for several companies across the country.

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